Thursday, May 19, 2011

Make a Beaded Bookmark for Father's Day

This is a great beading project for Father's Day.


1 foot of ribbon or leather cord
8 beads (3 small and 5 big)
Clear nail polish

Measure out 1 foot of ribbon or leather cord. If you are using ribbon, fold each end in half and using the scissors, cut off the end of the ribbon diagonally to form a "v" shape (see video). On one end make a knot about 3 inches from the end, string the three small beads, and make another knot. On the other end make a knot 4 inches from the end, string the 5 larger beads, and make a final knot. Dab a little bit of nail polish along the ends of the ribbon to keep the ribbon from fraying.

Happy Father's Day!


Jean from said...

Great to find projects for fathers - thanks for the idea!

Brandon said...

I remember my dad when I read your article. This beaded bookmark would be perfect for him since he loves reading a book or bible. :D

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