Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Create a beaded necklace with a pendant

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You will need the following:

Sterling silver spacer beads
Onyx coloured swarowski crystal beads
Tiger tail/soft flex wire
Lobster clasp
2 crimp beads
Flat nosed pliers

First thing you need to do is choose your pendant and beads. Then cut your wire to the desired length. It should be about 2 inches longer than you want your necklace to be. This necklace should be approximately 17 inches long.

Take one of the crimp beads and put it on the end of the wire. Then put the lobster clasp on the wire, and thread the wire back through the crimp bead. Squeeze it tightly with your pliers to secure.

String three of your beads, then a silver spacer, a crystal, another silver spacer and then another three beads. Continue doing that pattern until you get to the halfway point of your necklace. Then put your pendant on and continue until both sides of the necklace are done. Put the other clasp on using the crimp bead and the same technique as before. Before squeezing the crimp bead closed make sure that there is enough wire exposed so that the necklace isn't too stiff.

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