Saturday, December 14, 2013

Rainbow Loom Fishtail Bracelet

How to Make a Rainbow Loom Fishtail Bracelet

The rainbow loom is one of the most poplular gifts for the holiday season this year.  Boy and girls of all ages, as well as adults are loving this fun and crafty toy.  We found a great tutorial that shows how to make the fishtail bracelet, a perfect design for rainbow loom beginners.

You will need the rainbow loom kit which includes a rainbow loom, hook, c clips, and rainbow loom rubber bands.

Pick two colours for your bracelet.

Take your first rubber band, stretch it out into an 8 shape, and put it on the first two pegs of your loom.

Take your next two elastics and put them on top.

Then take your hook and pull the bottom band to the top on both sides.  Then take your next rubber band and put it on top.  Keep pulling the bottom band up and then putting a new band on top until you have reached the desired length of bracelet.

Take the bracelet off of the loom, take out the last elastic and attach the c clip (see video).
And your bracelet is done!

Enjoy your new bracelet and happy holidays.

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