Monday, March 21, 2011

Jewelry Trends and Colors for Spring 2011

With the arrival of Spring, I thought I would do a post about the top jewelry trends for spring.

The top trends are

* Chokers/Bib necklaces

Lots of sparkles, embellished, bright colorful stones. Lots of layered chains with pearls, stones, ribbons, beads and feathers

* Cuffs

Very bold and very embellished, featuring large stones and beads and perfect to wear with the choker and bib necklace. Made from resin, crystal and beads.

* Long Drop earrings

Earrings that touch your shoulders featuring chain, stones, beads and feathers. Chandelier earring with a Victorian inspired design. Also lots of hoop earrings with beading, or pave diamonds or colored stones.

* Rose gold

Perfect accent to spring's bright colors and looks beautiful with any skin tone.

* Big statement rings

Once again, very embellished, beaded and large!

The designers have selected the following colors for spring.

PANTONE 18-2120 Honeysuckle
PANTONE 16-1349 Coral Rose
PANTONE 14-0941 Beeswax
PANTONE 18-4039 Regatta
PANTONE 15-3817 Lavender
PANTONE 15-4825 Blue Curacao
PANTONE 14-6324 Peapod
PANTONE 12-1206 Silver Peony
PANTONE 18-1235 Russet
PANTONE 15-4502 Silver Cloud

“The colors designers have chosen for the spring season present an interesting marriage of unexpected warm and cool tones,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “By cleverly combining complementary colors, those that are opposites on the color wheel, they have created a striking intensity in the palette. These unique color combinations make it possible for consumers to pair existing pieces in colors traditionally associated with fall, with new favorites to punch up springtime wardrobes.”

My personal favourite colour is Honeysuckle, and that is the "it" colour for weddings this year!

To see the colors visit the website at

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