Sunday, March 8, 2015

How To Create A Morse Code Necklace

Seed beads
Bugle beads
Tiger tail or silk cord
Crimp beads
Lobster clasp and ring


Using a morse code chart (see below) lay out the beads in the word that you would like to put in your necklace.  In the video, the word love is being spelled out.

If using silk cord, attach the clasp to one end of silk cord using the crimp bead and pliers, then string on your beads spelling out the word that you are putting on your necklace (see video).  Then attach the other end of your clasp (the ring).

If you are using tiger tail, attach the clasp to one end of the tiger tail and then fill up with seed beads in a clear colour until your necklace is 1/4 full of beads, then string on the word in morse code, then fill up the other side with clear beads.  If your word is short, you may need to do more clear seed beads before and after your word.  Once you have filled up the other side, attach the other side of your clasp (the ring).

We hope you enjoyed making this necklace as much as we did.  


Liz Webster said...

I have to admit, this one reminds me a little bit of the macaroni necklace my daughter brought me home from kindergarten. Not in a bad way, though. :)

Ann@ College Prive Reine Marrie said...

oh i LOVE this!! I was just looking at Morse code necklaces the other day with my friend... but this seems like a much more, er, frugal option!! I'm gonna have to take a trip to the craft store ASAP!

Mary said...

Lovely postt

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