Sunday, September 14, 2014

Jewelry Theme Birthday Ideas

We are often asked by mothers what theme should we do for my daughter's party.  If the birthday girl is 8 or older, we always suggest that she go with the theme of "beading party".  We suggest that the children paint wooden jewelry boxes or make candy kabobs and the mothers often hand out candy jewelry.  The painted jewelry boxes or candy kabobs make a great take home gift and are a great alternative to the traditional loot bag.  We also suggest that the mother make a jewelry box birthday cake or cupcakes with real rings or ringpops placed on top as a decoration.
For the younger children, where it is all about THE THEME, we suggest a "Fancy Nancy" party, a "Sophia the first" party or a tea party using one of the above themes.  Both these themes are perfect for 5-7 year old girls.

Fancy china for a Sophia the first tea party.
We are doing a "Sophia the first" beading party for my 6 year old daughter's birthday this fall.  We are going to decorate everything in purple, hunt down vintage china from thrift stores for the girls to use, hand out fancy headbands and feather boas, serve fancy treats and make fancy jewelry that Sophia would love to wear. 

A necklace perfect for a Fancy Nancy
or Sophia the first party.


Meiko Lucas said...

This is a brilliant idea, would definitely bring out the artist in small kids and make them more creative!

stevenjared0853 said...

Good to see these jewelry theme birthday ideas. Last week I attended my friend’s birthday party at one of LA event venues and it was really good to be there and see lovely arrangements. I really enjoyed the day and had great fun.

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