Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beaded Wire Looped Necklace

24 gage wire
6 large beads
14 small beads
1 lobster clasp
1 jump ring
2 crimp beads

Flat nosed pliers

Take one of your large beads and thread onto your wire, move bead
about 4 inches in from one end of the wire, that will be your starting
point. Take one end of your wire (the working wire) and pull back
through the bead (see video). Pull the wire tight to hold the bead in
place. Now thread one of the small beads, move it along the wire
until it is the desired distance from your large bead (approximately
one inch) and do what you did with the large bead, feed the working
wire back through and pull tight to hold the bead in place. Continue
doing this for the remainder of your necklace, spacing all the beads
about 1 inch apart, doing the pattern of two small beads, one large
bead, two small beads, etc. Attach the clasp to one end of the wire
using the crimp bead. Attach the jump ring to the other end of the
wire using the remaining crimp bead.


A... nakit said...

nice... :))

Jean from said...

So simple, yet so elegant.

Sean Jaxson said...

Very nice! I'm glad that I happened across this site. I work with youth and am always looking for new, attractive projects to teach the kids. I tend to buy beads for much of our crafts and your instruction will making teaching this easy. Thanks!

Beading with Wire said...

Amazing Idea! Very Fine and simple about Beading with wire

Angelica said...

Thanks for posting thiis

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