Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ribbon Flower Pendent - Spring Fashions

With spring fashions arriving into stores and with spring hopefully around the corner, here is a fun DIY way to perk up your old fall jewelry.


Sewing Needle
Hot glue gun


Ribbon (the larger the flower, the thicker the ribbon should be)
Thread (same colour as ribbon)
Flower charm (optional)
Four lengths of chain, in varying lengths and thicknesses or a necklace that you already own

Thread the needle, starting at the bottom corner of one end of the ribbon, start sewing diagonally across the ribbon until you reach the top of the ribbon (see video). Once you have reached the top sew all along the top of the ribbon until you reach the other end. Then, pull the thread so that the ribbon bunches up and creates a flower. Next, sew it up at the back of the flower with 5 stitches and knot. Using the glue gun, glue the flower to one size of the necklace. If you would like to dress up the flower a bit, you can glue the charm in the middle of the flower.

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