Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas Themed Bead Necklace Charms, Ornaments or Earrings

The holiday season is fast approaching and I was asked for a simple
yet beautiful beading project perfect for the holidays.

The angel pendent can be used used as an ornament, necklace charm or a
pair of earrings.

You will need the following:

Round nosed pliers

Wire cutters


A large triangle or tearshaped bead or finding for the skirt

A pair of wings or a bow shaped finding for the wings

A round bead (preferably swarowski crystal) for the head

A bead cap or spacer bead for the halo

To make the Angel

Take the headpin and string on the skirt, then the wings, then the
head and then the halo. Taking the round nosed pliers create a loop
at the top and then wrap the wire around the base of the loop. Use
your cutters to trim off the excess wire. You can then attach an
earring wire and make it into an earring, string it onto a necklace to
make a charm or loop a string to the top to make it a christmas tree

Happy Holidays!


Alex said...

that's interesting :)) nice Christmas earrings,inovative and cheap :)

jewelry stores said...

Those are really innovative ... beautiful Christmas earings... thanks for sharing ...

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