Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pearl Chain and Ribbon Necklace

You will need the following:

16mm glass pearls

Large chain

Organza ribbon (2 meters)

10mm jump rings

Long eyepins

Chain nose pliers

Flatnose pliers

Round nose pliers

Cutter pliers

Using the flat nose and chain nose pliers, separate the links in the chain from each other. You will need approximately eight separated links. Then, take one of the glass pearls and thread onto the eye pin, measure and cut off the excess wire on the side with no loop and then create a loop using the needle nose pliers. Make sure the loops on either side of the glass pearl are the same size. Continue doing this for the remaining glass pearls.

Now it is time to start assembling your necklace. Take a jump ring, open it up and thread one of the loops on the pearl onto the jump ring. Next thread one of the chain links onto the jump ring and close the jump ring. Now put a jump ring onto the loop on the other side of the glass pearl, add a link and close the jump ring. Continue doing this until the necklace is the length that you require.

At this point you can either add a chunky toggle clasp or the organza ribbon. I prefer using the organza ribbon because necklaces with ribbon on them are one of the top trends for fall 2009. Trim the edges of the organza ribbon into a v shape so the ribbon does not fray. Take the piece of ribbon and fold it in half (the ribbon should be the desired length when folded), then thread the ribbon onto the link at the end of the necklace using a larks head knot. Do the same on the other side. When you wear the necklace tie the ends into a bow. The bow gives it a beautiful feminine touch and contrasts the chain link, you can also adjust the length of the necklace when wearing it, based on how big of a bow you tie.


Helena Jiang said...

Woow... I also did it... Love it so much.... Thanks...

Maryann Hopper said...

Thank you for this project idea. I like the idea of using large chains with pearl. Thanks again!

jewelry stores said...

Wow! thanks for your idea of using large chains with pearl.. thanks once again!

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