Friday, May 30, 2008

From Crimp Beads to Wire Wrapping Techniques: Stay Tuned For An Online Collective Of Beading Insight

There are quite a few beading and jewelry making sites that cover an enormous amount of related topics. From crimp beads to wire wrapping techniques you’ll find an overwhelming selection of sites.

Over the next few weeks we plan on posting YouTube tutorials that explain different beading techniques and the process involved in completing a jewelry making project from start to finish.

One particularly useful site is It is maintained by Tammy Powley who is an author of several books such as ‘Making Designer Bead and Wire Jewelry’ and ‘Jewelry and Beading Designs for Dummies’.

For all you beading novices you might find her section entitled ‘Beginners Corner’ useful
. You’ll come across helpful beginner hints on topics such as crimp bead size vs. size of beading wire to the foundations of bead stringing.

Please stay tuned and let us know if you can suggest some other sites that amateur jewelry artists might find useful.

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